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Multifunctional Booty Band Set


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🏋 Advanced Waterproof Fabric Booty Resistance Belt 🏋

🔰Multifunctional Workout System – All in one design, can be used as Resistance bands, Ankle resistance training, Leg exercise band, Jump Trainer, Speed Training and so on.👌

🔰Different Resistance Level – You can’t build your butt muscles with only one resistance level. That’s why we provide you different levels of resistance. Choose the level that suits you best.💪

🔰Advanced Waterproof Fabric – In order to protect the waist and ankle from the injury caused by training movement friction, the waist belt and ankle strap are all made of thickened waterproof fabric, greatly improve your exercise experience. You can train barefoot at home, indoor or outdoor🤘

🔰Choose Your Own Resistance Level – According to your height, choose a application suits you at first. Then choose the proper band to achieve the different resistance level.

🔰Feel Your Burns Right Now – We shorten the length of each resistance band and increase it’s LBS in order to improve the effect of exercise. So if your leg strength is not so strong, you will feel difficult to move at the beginning but you will feel the burns if you can hold on a little longer. So feel your burns now!

🔰Fat Burning – High intensity calorie burning exercises you will love to hate.👍

🔰Convenient – Lightweight and portable design is perfect for in home use and travel.

🔰Quality – Commercial grade build and materials, with 3 levels of resistance to choose from.💪

🔰Booty Building : Using Booty belts can lift and exercise the muscles of the Booty, abdomen and lower body. Use booty builder for 15 minutes every day, you can confidently wear your bikini to the beach to show your sexy peach booty after 30 days😳

🔰Challenge Perfect Bikini Booty : The the elastic rope made of high-quality natural latex rubber material is very strong and durable. And carefully designed resistance bands for you, each corresponding to a color. You can buy the corresponding color booty band according to the required exercise intensity😎

🔰Adjustable Belt : A belt made of soft nylon material with a buckle stitched on the outside to fit a waist from 22 inches to 46 inches. Comfortable and not easily damaged👈

🔰Improve Sedentary Posture & Stay Healthy : The booty belt resistance exercise band is especially aimed at the hip collapse and hunchback posture of sedentary people. Consistent use of exercise can also help you relieve chronic back pain, knee pain and hip pain🤓

🔰Efficient Fat Burning : The glute workout equipment can exercise 5 groups of muscles such as abdomen, quadriceps, hamstring, calf and hip. Helps you thin your legs, thin your belly, and increase your hips. You can also exercise the strength and flexibility of the waist and legs, improve jumping, speed and strength👍


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